Attraction,Adventure ian 1/2/2014

Bridgeclimb SydneyBridgeclimb is undoubtedly one of Sydney’s best attractions – you get a shot of adrenalin, a dollop of history, a sense of achievement and simply sensational views of the harbour and the city.

It may seem expensive before heading up but will seem exceptional value at the end when you realise you have purchased a fabulous experience and a lifetime memory. I did it with a mate back in the early 90's, before my now 17yo daughter was born - and it is still a fresh and vivid memory. Early this year said daughter did the climb with a mate from the US and they were equally impressed.

You don't need to be super-fit and it is totally safe because you are clipped on to the guide rail at all times. You do, however, have to be sober. On my climb a chap failed the breathalyser test because he had just gargled with Listerine - he was allowed to go with a later group.

BTW: the ‘Coathanger’ turns 82 in 2014 and she’s in excellent shape for an old girl and there is now a Mandarin Climb for Chinese visitors (the guides speak fluent Mandarin).



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