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Fundraising ian 5/28/2014

Gosh. Just realised that it is World MS Day 2014. It is a cause that is close to your humble blogger’s heart (and a few other body parts). I was diagnosed with MS in late 2010 so we have got to know each other pretty well over the last few years. One thing I have found amazing is the progress they seem to be making in the areas of research and medical treatment. I honestly believe that a cure will be found and that it may not be that far away…

World MS Day 2014It’s not that long ago that neurologists had the thankless task of breaking the diagnosis news with absolutely nothing to offer the patient but a gloomy future. In the short time that I have had MS I have been able to access a range of disease modifying drugs – they don’t cure it, but they can slow the disease progression. Don’t know who is charge of coming up with the names for the drugs but some of them sound like the names of Medieval knights – the first drug was called Avonex – a weekly self-administered injection into the thigh muscle – sounds worse than it was but I was happy to move to a monthly infusion at the local hospital with a drug called Tysabri… and now taking a new one on the market called Tecfidera, which is an oral drug (twice daily) – even the progression to an oral drug has improved things greatly.

I think one of the worst things with MS is the demographic it can choose to target – the stereotypical person with MS will be female aged late 20’s/early 30’s – I can’t imagine having the combination of MS and a young family – with the advancements currently happening, this may soon become a thing of the past and if you can spare a few dollars, it will go towards a great cause. You can donate or pick up some fine merchandise at the Kiss Goodbye to MS website.


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