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Host your ceremony or reception surrounded in the elegance afforded by our wedding venues in Canberra

The tranquil and inviting atmosphere offered by our Canberra wedding venues provides the ideal setting for your intimate and romantic wedding ceremony and reception.

The grand entrance at Rydges Capital Hill Canberra is alive with gorgeous auburn foliage in the autumn and vibrant cherry blossoms in the spring. The enchanting beauty flows across the foyer and expands into the mesmerising atrium, an ideal wedding venue in Canberra for your special ceremony or cocktail reception.

Our passionate and dedicated Canberra wedding team is here to help you create your dream day. With access to some of the best wedding resources in Canberra, our professional staff can assist you with planning the special day you have always dreamed of.


All inclusive packages - Only $99.00 per person


'JUST MARRIED’ – FROM ONLY $99* per person


Wedding Rooms

Two elegant Canberra wedding venues await your big day celebration.  Whether you are looking for an elegant room offering views over the Forrest Terrace or the feeling of being outdoors without the weather worry, we have the venue for you.

Planning your Special day

We’re here to make sure that your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. One of the most important elements in making sure your Big Day is all you've ever dreamed it up to be is in the planning. Of course, planning might seem obvious but we’re going to help you create the perfect wedding checklist.

Wedding Speeches

Plan your wedding speech ahead of time so you don’t get cold feet!

Wedding Planners

Meet our dedicated Canberra wedding planners

Our team of experienced wedding planners are here to tak the stress out of planning your special day

Weatherproof Wedding

Don’t leave your Canberra wedding weather entirely to chance

We all hope that your Canberra wedding day is gorgeous and sunny, but weather can be unpredictable – so it’s essential to have a backup plan.


Seating Chart Help

Seating Planning may be one of the most boring parts about planning a wedding, but, alas, it’s also important. We’ve put together a cheat guide to planning your seating allocations as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Room/Space Area Ceiling
Square Metres Banquet Capacity Banquet With Dancefloor Cocktail Capacity
Acacia Lounge 200 2.8m 200m² 140 n/a 160
Atrium n/a n/am 100m² 70 n/a 120
The Wellington Room n/a 2.8m 170m² 120 80 120
The Barton Room n/a 2.4m 40m² 30 n/a 40
The Parkes Room n/a 2.4m 35m² 12 n/a 25
Executive Boardroom 1 n/a 2.4m 20m² 8 n/a 15
Executive Boardroom 2 n/a 2.4m 20m² 10 n/a n/a
Executive Boardroom 3 n/a 2.4m 12m² n/a n/a n/a
Executive Boardroom 5 n/a 2.4m 20m² 10 n/a n/a
Figtree Cafe n/a n/am 300m² 150 n/a 200
Forrest Room 1 n/a 3.1m 60m² 40 n/a 60
Forrest Room 2 n/a 3.1m 100m² 80 50 110
Forrest Room 3 n/a 3.1m 40m² 20 n/a 30
Forrest Suite 17.65m x 12.97m 3.1m 280m² 180 150 200