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Planning your Special day

Of course, planning might seem obvious but we’re going to help you create the perfect wedding checklist.

  • Magazines, magazines, magazines! Magazines are a treasure trove of ideas for creating the perfect wedding day.
  • Create or find a check list. These can be found almost any wedding magazine or online. Find the ones that break it down into months, weeks and days. You will not miss a thing
  • Working out your budget. This is a pivotal step in your wedding planning because you need to know where you’re going to allocate your resources.
  • Start the guest list. Pick your bridal party first and give your parents a number of guests they can invite. Doing these first will save embarrassment down the line.
  • Book your date! Ensure your church and reception venue are available. We find it always best to be flexible with your date and go to your reception venue first – having a set date limits your chances of getting the space or venue you want on that specific date and to also avoid disappointment.
  • Time to get creative! Start a folder or a binder of the things you would like to bring along to your meetings with your planner. We are very visual people and the more you can show us the better chance you have of getting exactly what you want.
  • Ask your venue if they can organise the decorations or if they have preferred suppliers you contact directly. Use your venue planners as much as you can, they have done this before and know what works and who to use.
  • Honeymoon time! Brides often pick an exotic destination because they have always wanted to go there. Hello Fiji! However make sure you do your research. This is absolutely pivotal; for example you do not want to go to Fiji between December – February due to it being hot humid and raining. Ladies we know what humidity does to our hair remember that Friends episode with Monica’s hair in Barbados?

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Room/Space Area Ceiling
Square Metres Banquet Capacity Banquet With Dancefloor Cocktail Capacity
Acacia Lounge 200 2.8m 200m² 140 n/a 160
Atrium n/a n/am 100m² 70 n/a 120
The Wellington Room n/a 2.8m 170m² 120 80 120
The Barton Room n/a 2.4m 40m² 30 n/a 40
The Parkes Room n/a 2.4m 35m² 12 n/a 25
Executive Boardroom 1 n/a 2.4m 20m² 8 n/a 15
Executive Boardroom 2 n/a 2.4m 20m² 10 n/a n/a
Executive Boardroom 3 n/a 2.4m 12m² n/a n/a n/a
Executive Boardroom 5 n/a 2.4m 20m² 10 n/a n/a
Figtree Cafe n/a n/am 300m² 150 n/a 200
Forrest Room 1 n/a 3.1m 60m² 40 n/a 60
Forrest Room 2 n/a 3.1m 100m² 80 50 110
Forrest Room 3 n/a 3.1m 40m² 20 n/a 30
Forrest Suite 17.65m x 12.97m 3.1m 280m² 180 150 200