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Weatherproof Wedding


The worst thing you can do is cross your fingers, pray for sun and fail to think beyond Plan A. Not only are you setting yourself up for a logistical headache if the skies open up, but you’re increasing the chances that Plan B will let you down big-time.

Instead, invest equal energy into your rain and shine options so that you know both will be beautiful. Emotionally, you need to put as much heart into the backup plan as you can, so if you have to move inside, you’ll love the set-up in there too.

Let my team and I take the headache away from your Canberra wedding planning. We are more than happy to help set up indoor ceremony options in our lovely hotel atrium or sun-touched acacia lounge. With our versatile venues, you can bring the outside indoors, protecting yourself from any weather changes.

The Atrium is filled with growing trees and foliage with a tranquil water feature to create a romantic garden feel. Sun-filled with floor-to-ceiling windows, the Acacia Lounge is another ideal indoor option for your wedding, boasting great views into our front gardens.

There are many other ideas that can help the transition from outside to inside. We can get creative with pinecones as place card holders, branches as table centres or potted mini plants around the reception room. Wild flowers and herbs can add a beautiful countryside feel and aroma indoors.

The photos are obviously another item to think about if the weather turns. Together with your photographer, identify great indoor and outdoor portrait backdrops so he or she can pre-plan the lighting and you won’t be left scrambling in the rain. If you’d be truly devastated to miss out on gorgeous outdoor shots of you and your groom, consider splurging on a post-wedding shoot. You can decide afterwards, then just phone up your photographer and book two or three hours on another day.

The main thing is to enjoy your special day, so let me and my team at Rydges Capital Hill help you create the perfect Canberra wedding, whatever the weather.

All the best for your wedding plans.

Brad McMillan – Rydges Capital Hill Wedding Planner  

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Room/Space Area Ceiling
Square Metres Banquet Capacity Banquet With Dancefloor Cocktail Capacity
Acacia Lounge 200 2.8m 200m² 140 n/a 160
Atrium n/a n/am 100m² 70 n/a 120
The Wellington Room n/a 2.8m 170m² 120 80 120
The Barton Room n/a 2.4m 40m² 30 n/a 40
The Parkes Room n/a 2.4m 35m² 12 n/a 25
Executive Boardroom 1 n/a 2.4m 20m² 8 n/a 15
Executive Boardroom 2 n/a 2.4m 20m² 10 n/a n/a
Executive Boardroom 3 n/a 2.4m 12m² n/a n/a n/a
Executive Boardroom 5 n/a 2.4m 20m² 10 n/a n/a
Figtree Cafe n/a n/am 300m² 150 n/a 200
Forrest Room 1 n/a 3.1m 60m² 40 n/a 60
Forrest Room 2 n/a 3.1m 100m² 80 50 110
Forrest Room 3 n/a 3.1m 40m² 20 n/a 30
Forrest Suite 17.65m x 12.97m 3.1m 280m² 180 150 200