Meet The Team | Rydges Wellington Hotel

Meet The Team

Tory (left above) is a pocket rocket of energy & enthusiasm, if she’s in a hurry she could overtake Usain Bolt with her “Lambton Quay Shuffle”. We suspect she listens to Pharell’s ‘Happy’ at least 10 times a day, due to her cheeriness level being off the Richter scale. Always attending family gatherings where food is the main attraction, this reflects in the office whenever food is near, she will be sure to check it out to avoid food envy.  

Mikaela (second left above) is a keen early morning riser, always off to the gym before work. She is currently making her own cookbook and from what we’ve all taste tested we will be first in line to buy it. The office “go to girl”, she covers all bases from spell check to the five ingredients needed to whip up that chocolate cake you saw on My Kitchen Rules last week.

Lauren (second right above) is the ‘social butterfly’ of the group - always dining out, catching up with friends or attending a birthday party... that’s what we call a “life outside of work”! She is known to suffer from a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) when fun things are happening around the office. If a challenge arises, she will be the first to get on board! – Whether it’s bungy jumping in Queenstown or who can eat the most cake in one sitting.

Jess (right above) is the newbie of the Conference Office, but you wouldn’t know it at the rate she has picked everything up! She has a slight obsession with her boss’ dog Cooper, always putting her hand up to dog sit – but she doesn’t pick favourites, she loves all dogs. And all animals. Her lack of fear is evident – case in point, she moved to Wellington having never seen the city before, but you can still tell she is a South Island girl, just listen out for the way she pronounces “purple work shirt".  

So welcome to the Conference Office, where we all drink teas and are so food obsessed we know what’s just been served on the conference level just by smell.....right down to the flavour of the freshly baked biscuits!!