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Features & Amenities

Enjoy thoughtful features and amenities while staying at our hotel in Perth

At Rydges Perth, we pride ourselves on catering to our guests’ needs, which is reflected in the features and amenities offered at our hotel in Perth. Free Wi-FI, en-suite bathrooms, Rydges Dream Beds, valet parking and a reception desk available to assist guests 24 hours a day are just a few of the many conveniences that make staying at our hotel in Perth an exceptional experience.

Have a look at everything that’s included when you vacation with Rydges Perth:

Perth Conference Facilities

Level one of the hotel is dedicated to our Conference & Events Department. All rooms provide for natural light and the flexibility of varying room layouts. The CBD Terrace also provides an outdoor all weather solution for both Dinner & Cocktail events.

  • Westend Room
  • King Street Room
  • Hay Street Room
  • CBD Terrace
  • Level 15 Booardroom
  • Level 16 Boardroom


Rydges Perth is excited to announce that FREE WIFI has now been installed throughout the hotel! This means whether you're a registered guest or just here for a function, conference or event, you will be able to access Australia's best hotel internet for FREE!

Other Features and Amenities include:

  • 100% non-smoking Hotel
  • 24 Hr Reception
  • Ensuite Bathrooms
  • In room Minibar
  • Rydges Dream Beds
  • 24 Hr Room Service
  • Laundry Service
  • Valet Parking
  • Internet Facilities

Disabled Facilities

Rydges Perth caters to those guests requiring accessible rooms. It is always recommended that you book these rooms direct with the hotel reservations team to ensure they meet your requirments. A wheelchair accessible toilet is also available on the Ground Floor of the hotel.

Rydges Dream Beds

Late in 2011 Rydges Perth changed all the hotel beds to the exclusive Rydges Dream Bed. We believe it's the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep in.

Having been designed by respected bed manufacturer, A.H Beard, it features the world's best Talalay latex mattress and double flex edge border supports to give you the ultimate nights' sleep while supporting your body.

CBD Restaurant

CBD is the perfect place for a taste of the best regional WA cuisine. Our Executive Chef has desiged an exciting menu for all day dining. Why not experience our popular al fresco space whilst our guest.


Located on the lobby level of Rydges Perth, CBD Bar is an ideal venue to enjoy a casual drink or two, while watching the world go by.

Car Parking (Valet)

Car parking is available for vehicles less than 1.95m in height. Valet parking is charged at $38.00 per day.

For vehicles greater than 1.95m in height, we regret to advise that Rydges is unable to offer valet parking. There is a public open air Wilson Car Park located at 378 Murray Street that can take oversized vehicles for a charge.

Non-smoking Hotel

Rydges Perth is a 100% non-smoking venue.

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