Touchdown Sports Bar

With its team of energetic staff, Touchdown will be the sports bar of choice for guests and their families, airport employees and business people. Touchdown doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It’s young at heart and a whole lot of fun, with booth seating and more than its fair share of winning smiles. However it sets the bar high when it comes to providing a gold-medal menu including calamari, fries, steaks and nachos.

This is the kind of comfort food that folks want to share with their mates, to watch the football…the motor racing…or the rugby… and there’ll be plenty of ice-cold Aussie beer on tap to help our guests celebrate when their favourite side wins.

In keeping with its name, Touchdown will boast over-sized plasma monitors, showing all the latest sports from around the globe. At Touchdown, we’re always aiming for a podium finish.