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Important changes to Gift Card validity periods – updated 01 April 2018

From 01 April 2018, Rydges & QT Gift Cards are issued with a 36 month validity period from the date of purchase in line with legislation introduced by NSW Government Fair Trading.
Rydges & QT Gift Cards issued prior to April 2018 retain the previous 12 month validity period as per our prior standard Terms & Conditions.

What are Rydges Gift Cards?

A Rydges Hotels & Resorts Gift Card is a stored dollar value gift card that allows the bearer to enjoy some of life’s little luxuries at any Rydges Hotel & Resort in Australia and New Zealand.

They work just like a ‘retail store’ gift card and can be purchased in $100, $250 or $500 denominations that can be redeemed at any Participating Rydges Hotel or Resort for accommodation and food & beverage services and products.

Where can I use a Rydges Gift Card?

Rydges Gift Cards are sold via www.rydges.com or www.experiencethis.com.au and are sold in $100, $250 & $500 denominations in both Australian and New Zealand dollars.

Rydges Gift Cards issued in Australian Dollars can ONLY be used at participating hotels located in Australia. Rydges Gift Cards issued in New Zealand Dollars can ONLY be used at participating hotels located in New Zealand.

For Participating Hotels & Resorts visit www.rydges.com

Rydges Gift Cards can be used for full or part payment for accommodation, food & beverage and any other hotel services that can be applied to a hotel guests account folio e.g. room service breakfast.

All other travel costs and expenses incurred at a participating Hotel or Resort are the sole responsibility of the guest or card bearer.

Can I use my Rydges gift card at QT Hotels?

Rydges gift cards can only be used at participating Rydges or Atura Hotels. They cannot be redeemed at participating QT Hotels. QT Hotel gift cards are available for purchase online at www.qthotels.com/giftcards/

What else do I need to remember when using a Rydges Gift Card?

A – You must have the Rydges Gift Card on hand when redeeming the credit held on the card

B – Make sure you know the value on the card before making your purchase – if the total cost of your purchase exceeds the balance held on the Rydges Gift Card another accepted form of payment is required to make up the difference. You can check the balance online by visiting https://www.rydges.com/gift-cards/or by asking a staff member at hotel or resort front desk.

C – Rydges Gift Cards can be used as many times as you wish until the balance held on the card reaches zero or the card validity expires.

How do I book accommodation using a Rydges Gift Card?

To make a booking at a Participating Rydges Hotel & Resort, we recommend you visit www.rydges.com to book using our “Best Available Rates”.

You will be required to provide a valid credit card number to guarantee a booking and our standard reservation & cancellation policies apply. No transactions are charged to the credit card unless a breach of our standard booking terms and conditions occurs.

Can I get cash advances on a Rydges Gift Card?

Rydges Gift Cards or any amount standing in credit held on the card cannot be redeemed wholly or partially for cash. No cash advances can be made at any time regardless if there have been one or more transactions on the Rydges Gift Card.

How do I receive change on a Rydges Gift Card?

After using a Rydges Gift Card, the card is returned with the remaining value held upon on it. We do not give back change in cash at any time. Any remaining value on the card can be used towards payment for any permitted service or product, but will not be provided to the cardholder or anyone else in the form of cash. If an amount standing in credit on the Rydges Gift Card is not used prior to the expiry date the value will be lost and will not be remitted to the cardholder or any other person in cash or the equivalent value. The balances on a single or multiple Rydges Gift Cards cannot be consolidated or transferred to a new card.

What happens if my Rydges Gift Card is lost or stolen?

We cannot replace nor refund lost or stolen Rydges Gift Cards. Treat the card like you would cash and keep it in a safe place.

Can I get a refund on a Rydges Gift Card?

If you have purchased a Rydges Gift Card and not redeemed any of its value, we can offer a refund providing the refund is sought on the same date of purchase only and proof of purchase is presented. No refund will be given after the date of purchase.

Where can I view my Rydges Gift Card balance & transaction history?

Every time you use a Rydges Gift Card a receipt is issued stating the expiry date and remaining balance. You can check your card balance, expiry date and transaction history by visiting our website: https://www.rydges.com/gift-cards/ and entering your card number.
Once the Rydges Gift Card reaches a zero balance or the stated expiry date has past, the card becomes void. No additional credit or date extension is available to be applied to the existing card. Any additional value required will require a new gift card purchase.

What is the validity & expiry date on a Rydges Gift Card?

Rydges Gift Cards are valid for 36 months from date of purchase or until a $0 balance is reached whichever occurs first.
The expiry date is stamped on the reverse of the card. Once your Rydges Gift Card has expired or there is a zero balance, the card is no longer valid and should be destroyed. Rydges Gift Cards cannot be reloaded with any additional dollar value and the validity cannot be extended once expired. Rydges Gift Cards expire on the date indicated regardless of whether any amount remains standing in credit on the card at that time.

Tampered Rydges Gift Cards

Rydges Gift Cards will be void and will not be redeemable if they are defaced, mutilated, altered or tampered with in any way. Rydges Hotels & Resorts may subject gift cards to verification and security checks at its absolute discretion.


Where can I buy more Rydges Gift Cards?

Rydges Gifts cards are available for sale online at https://www.rydges.com/gift-cards/ or via www.experiencethis.com.au

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