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Drink/Dine,Hotel News ian 6/26/2014

A few brews making news at Rydges are the Nepean Indian Pale Ale at Rydges Campbelltown and the special ales, lagers and ciders at Rydges World Square.

Infusion Campbelltown BreweryThe Nepean India Pale Ale is a new in-house beer from Rydges Campbelltown's famous Infusion Brewery. It is available on tap and has been specially crafted for this winter only.

The India Pale Ale (IPA style) dates back well over 170 years. The taste is an acquired one, with the flavours highlighting the complexity from an array of hops and other beer ingredients, such as pale malts. A combination of speciality malts also gives this IPA a darker appearance as well as a higher than average alcohol content, making it a beer to be consumed in moderation. The IPA is from a dominant hop variety, which includes Cascade Hops blended with English hops of Kent Goldings and Fuggles.

The brew that is trueThis drop is in addition to the other in-house brews - Macarthur Wheat, Appin Ale, Fishers Ghost Lager, Razorback Golden Ale and Summer Moon Pilsner.

There's also an array of in-house brews on tap in the Square Bar at Rydges World Square– the only quandary is which true brew to try. The owner of World Square, Jerry Schwartz, also owns a fine establishment called the Sydney Brewery and because of that some of Sydney’s best tasting beers and cider are on tap – fresh from the micro-breweries on site at the hotel. There’s Paddo Pale, Newtown Bitter, Glamarama Summer Ale and the delightful Sydney Cider. They also make a Darlo Dark, a Surry Hills Pils and a Potts Point Porter.



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