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Attraction ian 6/13/2014

A lifetime memory is waiting with AJ Hackett Bungy Auckland. It’s now 25 years since AJ Hackett and his mate, Henry van Asch, threw themselves off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown and invented commercial Bungy. In that time they have seen over a million jumps and swings and they have an impeccable safety record. That’s because they are in the business of selling fear and conquering that fear – they are not in the business of risk.

AJ Hackett Bungy AucklandThe Auckland Bridge Bungy experience follows in this tradition. Jumpers get stunning views of the Waitemata Harbour on the walk out to the specially constructed Bungy pod for the launch. It’s up to jumpers if they would like an ocean touch or a quick ocean dip. To steal a saying from the official AJ Hackett Bungy website, you “plunge boldly into the thick of life!”

The minimum age is 10 years and if under 14, they need to be accompanied by an adult. The maximum age is 110 years but if you are 112 you will probably get away with a little white lie. Weight has a minimum 35kg and a maximum 150 kilos. If you want transport to/from the Bridge from the Viaduct (Maritime Museum), allow two hours – if self-driving, allow an hour and a half and there is free parking.

Make sure you wear secure covered footwear. And if you have mates or family who want to share the fear without the exhilaration and accomplishment, they can pay $20 to get harnessed up and go with you to the launch pad viewing deck.

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