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Travel ian 6/30/2014

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and offers visitors a stunning harbour, lots of things to see and do, terrific cafés and restaurants and fabulous shopping. And if you are flying to Auckland with Air New Zealand you will get to see the latest sequel to a line of quirky in-flight safety videos.

Thumbs Up Air New ZealandTraditionally, the hardest job for an in-flight crew is to get passengers to watch the in-flight safety video/instructions but Air NZ consistently produces riveting, funny, concise videos that have the cheeky Kiwi personality as well as factual information.

In 2012 they did the Lord of the Rings parody with the crew and passengers based firmly in Middle Earth. In 2013 they enlisted the comedy talents of Betty White and Gavin McLeod for ‘old school’ instructions, set in a hip nursing home. This year’s video comes with a bit of controversy for ‘sexualising’ women. Well, you can see that point a bit because it features swimsuit models in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated but the ladies will find it fun as well!

It is set on stunning Aitutaki in the Cook Islands so the backdrop is glorious, the girls are good natured, the local kid is charming, there’s a bit of buff male eye-candy for ‘balance’ and there’s a nice flow of humour.

And, of course, on arrival in Auckland, Rydges Auckland will give you the warmest of Kiwi welcomes, fully dressed.

Here’s the video…

<iframe width="854" height="510" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/SQDip9V49U0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>