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Cinema ian 12/26/2013

Boxing Day is traditionally a lazy day – recover from the BIG Xmas bash – lounge in front of the telly for the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race or flip over to the MCG for the first day of the Boxing Day test against the Poms… or take in a movie.

There are some terrific releases this Boxing Day – firstly, for the kiddies (and the accompanying adults)… Frozen – an extremely cool movie in more ways than one. Comedy, romance, drama, fun and beautiful animation – Another Disney winner.

Nebraska – Bruce Dern is best known as a supporting actor rather than a leading man, but he owns this film, playing the part of an aging, booze-addled father who makes the trip to Nebraska to claim a million dollar sweepstake prize. A poetic tale that is the story of both a man and a country. Dern, in the header photo, won the Cannes Film Festival Best Actor and will be an Oscar contender.

Philomena could be the ‘sleeper’ of the year and a movie that could only be made by the British (Stephen Frears). Powerful performances (Judi Dench should get an Oscar nomination) with rich humour running through a storyline that has, at its heart, the utmost sadness (trailer below).

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – three hours of action, entertainment, clever film making and Tolkien. Fans won’t be disappointed with this second instalment in the trilogy and newcomers will undoubtedly seek out the first and look forward to the third.

The Railway Man stars Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth and will strike some chords with audiences – most people know movie critics Margaret and David from The Movie Show… David: “This is an extraordinary film”. Margaret: “I was overwhelmed by it, I’ve got to tell you. It really cut deep with me.”

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – this one is getting mixed reviews overseas but personally I am looking forward to seeing Ben Stiller acting the lead role and as filmmaker. Not expecting anything particularly deep and meaningful but engaging, escapist fantasy that takes the audience on a journey and leaves them feeling bouncier than when they went into the movie.

Here’s Philomena:


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