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Concert ian 5/19/2014

2014 sees The Cube and Pretty Woman anniversaries. Would you believe that it is 40 years since the Rubik’s Cube was invented and 50 years since the song Oh, Pretty Woman was released? The Rubik’s Cube was first called the Magic Cube in 1974 by inventor, Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Ernő Rubik. Oh, Pretty Women was, of course, a world-wide hit for Roy Orbison in 1964.

Rubik's aside, The Cube is also Campbelltown’s top entertainment venue and, on Saturday, May 31, the venue will host the Roy Orbison and Del Shannon tribute show, performed by Dean Bourne and Fallon. Orbison and Shannon actually toured together back in 1964 and this terrific show delivers hit after hit from those two musical legends…

Remember these Orbison classics? Crying, Dream Baby, Leah, Penny Arcade, Danny Boy, Only the Lonely, In Dreams, Candy Man, You Got It, She Wears My Ring, Runnin’Scared, Working for the Man and, of course, Oh, Pretty Woman…

And Del Shannon… Hats Off to Larry, Handy Man, Swiss Maid, Black is Black, Little Town Flirt, Keep Searching (We’ll Follow the Sun), I Go to Pieces, Needles and Pins, Hey Little Girl, Run-around Sue, Stranger in Town, Do You Wanna Dance and Runaway.

The show will be two hours of great music and fun and Rydges Campbelltown has a great accommodation and show package and dinner and show package.



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