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Concert ian 7/15/2013

An Evening with Joan Baez

Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, August 20 and Wednesday, August 21

She’s been consistent since the early Sixties.  She was a social and political activist then, she can still speak her mind now.  She was a brilliant singer-songwriter-performer then and so she is today. She was there with Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, she was against the war in Vietnam and Iraq.  And all the time singing her distinctive mix of folk, gentle rock and gospel.  You can feel the passion in her strong, sensitive voice.  This will be a very special and memorable night.  On this tour of Australia and New Zealand (her first in more than 20 years), Joan is joined  by her son, Gabriel Harris, on percussion and multi-instrumentalist, Dirk Powell, on keyboards, guitar, banjo and fiddle).

"She took to the stage to rapturous applause and her opener, 'God Is God', was flawless, the finger-picking of the acoustic guitar in perfect rhythm, the room hushed to hear her every word. You could have heard a ghost cough in the auditorium as she sang haunting tunes including 'Farewell Angelina', 'I Need You Just The Way You Are', 'Jerusalem', and the beautiful 'Mary Magdalene'. 10 out of 10. Finger-picking good." Liverpool Echo, 2012



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