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Attraction,Travel ian 11/4/2013

Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne is famous for its floral displays, model Tudor village and avenues of large elm trees.

Cook's Cottage also lives here and is an attraction that appeals to all ages. It was built for Captain Cook’s parents in 1755 at Great Ayton in England, bought by Sir Russell Grimwade in 1933, dismantled, shipped and rebuilt brick by brick in Melbourne in 1934.

There's the historical side to Cook's amazing voyages and tragic death in the Discovery Centre; visitors can listen to the sounds of the Cook family sitting down to a meal and hear the excitement when the son, James, returns from his seagoing adventures. The English cottage gardens are lovely for a stroll and the cottage really is one of Melbourne's 'must dos'.

It is the first ‘historical attraction’ in your humble blogger’s memory. I must have been under five as I can’t remember a sister in a pram, but in that memory bank I recall it being a largish house and wondered why they lived with little velvet ropes across the entrances to the bedrooms. On another visit, as a much taller adult, it was, in fact, quite a tiny cottage - many visitors have to stoop to negotiate doorways, as the good Captain would have done as he was six foot three.  On the second visit you still weren’t allowed to jump on the beds.

It is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm seven days a week.


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