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Hotel News ian 4/3/2014

On April 1st (A.K.A April Fools Day) Rydges New  Zealand hotels pranked their guests and social media fans by introducing a new initiative called Rydges uClean.  It was a concept that allowed guests’ to choose to clean the room themselves and save on housekeeping costs. The response was a mixture of confusion, bewilderment, excitement for the new idea and of course, laughter from those who ‘clicked’ that it was an April fool’s joke.

Here's the fake uClean article that appeared on the Rydges website:


uClean-LogoGreat for families and our more budget conscious guests, Rydges uClean™ is a great way to save money while still enjoying the comfort and luxury of Rydges hotels.

The concept is simple; do the cleaning yourself and we won’t charge you for housekeeping services!

At the end of your stay, use the cleaning products provided in your room to clean the bathroom, kitchenette and other general surfaces, and finish your uClean™ by remaking the bed(s) with fresh linen. It’s as easy as that to save some extra money, next time you travel.

At checkout, simply tell us that you have uCleaned your room and we’ll remove any associated housekeeping costs.* Or choose to use your reimbursement as credit to pay for other services you may have used during your stay.**

The overwhelmingly positive response from guests during our trial period has lead us to believe that uClean™ is going to greatly improve your Rydges experience while providing you great value for money.

“Giving the room a quick scrub at the end of our stay was no trouble! The hotel provided all the cleaning products we needed and after 20 minutes we were on our way with our uClean™ reimbursement in hand.” - Lisa H. Auckland

“The McDonalds down the road has great bathroom facilities; I didn’t have to worry about cleaning the bathroom in my room at all!” - Marc L. Napier

“I brought my sleeping bag with me; the hotel has very comfy carpet. I didn’t even have to touch the bed which meant I got the housekeeping cost refunded to me at checkout without having to remake my bed!” -Sandra K. Nelson

Enquire at 0800 RYDGES for a full list of participating Rydges uClean™ hotels.

*Prior to a uClean™ reimbursement being received, for the safety and comfort of future guests’, your room will be checked to ensure the level of cleanliness meets our strict housekeeping standards.

**Excluding minibar charges.


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