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Attraction ian 5/19/2014

Most people think coast, sand and sea when the think of Port Macquarie – and rightly so – but there’s also some stunning scenery inland, including the magnificent Ellenborough Falls.

The Ellenborough Falls has a 200 metre single drop waterfall – the tallest in Australia. This is a great spot to visit for a picnic and, as well as the falls, there is a stunning strangler fig tree and you can swim in the rock pools at Wilson River Reserve.

To get to the Ellenborough Falls from Port Macquarie, head to Wauchope and continue west on Tourist Drive 8 (Manning Valley) to the Bulga Plateau at Elands. Once there it is an easy 10 minute walk to The Knoll for great views directly across to the falls. There’s also a timbered walkway with 641 steps to the bottom of the falls with rest stops on the way. This takes a bit more fitness – it takes around 30 minutes for the power walkers and up to an hour for those who choose to take their time.

For more information visit the Manning Valley website and, of course, we have all your accommodation needs covered at Rydges Port Macquarie and Sails Resort by Rydges.


Photo Credit: The Legendary Pacific Coast


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