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Arts/Culture,Hotel News,Fremantle,Tony Jones Art,Sculptures fremantle 1/3/2014

Tony Jones is a West Australian artist based in Fremantle whose vision encompasses and combines cultural and political issues, local history, maritime and aeronautical imagery as well as themes from the personal and imagined.

Tony’s sculptures are featured in prominent Perth locations and he has exhibited at Sculptures by the Sea Cottesloe in 2011 and Sculpture at Bathers in 2013. And now three of Tony's works feature in the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle - by Rydges!

“Float”, a hanging artwork which took two days to install is the feature of the main atrium of the Hotel lobby. Tony said “The artwork evolved from a series of drawings exploring shapes from land and sea scapes. There is a rhythm and flow in the way the basic shapes relate to each other. They are designed to overlap and interrelate. The movement is at times imperceptible but seemingly constant... The colours were chosen to give life to the space and to add to the animation of the installation.”

The Hotel has also installed Tony Jones’s “Wayfinders” in the lobby. These three large sculptures refer to the navigational markers found at sea, they are not literal but draw on the symbolism of marine hardware.

And another of Tony’s artworks is displayed at the Hotel’s reception. “Sharps and Flats” is a suite of 10 small figurative sculptures made from materials salvaged from old pianos, wooden boats and other studio scraps. The resultant figures are purely imaginative and made for the fun and enjoyment of making and for the engagement of the viewer.