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Who is Daniel Scott? Well, he's the namesake of our newest restaurant, The Harbour Master - opened September 2013, and a very influential person in Fremantle's history.

Captain Daniel Scott was born in Liverpool, England in 1800. As a boy he ran away to sea and was Captain of a small cargo ship that traded in the West Indies by the age of 21. He arrived in Fremantle in August 1829 on the 'Calista' and married Frances Davis - together they had twelve children!

Captain Scott was appointed as the Fremantle Harbour Master in August 1829 and held that position until his resignation in 1851. In his memory, as well as those that followed, The Harbour Master name was developed for our new restaurant.

A man of authority and vision, he was one of the founding members of Fremantle Township and an important pillar of the community, until his death in 1865. Scott was also the first chairman of the Fremantle Town Trust (1845-1851) and the first Postmaster General of Fremantle - a plaque commemorating this face can be found at the Fremantle Post Office to this day.

The Captain used to own the land where the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle - by Rydges now resides! When Western Australia became a penal colony, Daniel Scott leased his land to the Government as a temporary convict establishment to assist in housing the first arrivals. A map of the prison grounds is featured in the menu at The Harbour Master.