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Cinema ian 9/25/2013

One Direction is in Australia and tens of thousands of screaming, crying teenage girls are beside themselves – which makes the din twice as loud. Makes one wonder if they would even notice if the boys hit any bad notes.

If you haven’t got flight/tickets to the live shows, second prize will have to be the movie, One Direction: This Is Us. The documentary is now playing at Gladstone Cinemas. In a nutshell – it is slick, fun and rewarding for the fans. The lads have heaps of energy, enthusiasm, charm, warmth and, dare I say, talent. Non-fans will stay away in their droves and there won’t be any Oscars up for grabs but the loyal fan base alone will ensure a commercial success.

The band has certainly headed in only one direction since winning X-Factor in the UK – up – but, as they say, what goes up, must come down. I’m not being pessimistic for the boys, just realistic methinks – but you can’t knock them - they really are at the top of their game at present.



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