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Photography ian 5/8/2014

While the upcoming Cairns Underwater Film Festival is mainly for experienced photographers, here are five simple tips for how to take better holiday photos.

One of the best souvenirs you can take home from your holiday are photos documenting your travels and creating a record of the best moments from your trip. Undoubtedly there are fantastic photo opportunities in Far North Queensland with an abundance of stunning natural and urban backdrops to choose from.

1. Be prepared:

Make sure you come prepared to take lots of photographs. A quick checklist of essentials includes:

  • Camera charger
  • Extra batteries
  • Additional storage cards or film
  • A carry case to easily transport your camera and accessories

2. Be creative:

Instead of taking the usual group or family shot in front of landmarks, try shooting from a different perspective. The possibilities are endless and these unique images will evoke your travel stories and fun memories.

  • Action shots - your loved one jumping into the water with their full dive gear as they head off to explore the Great Barrier Reef
  • Macro (close up) -  focus on the ice-cream melting down the cone as your child races to eat it before it melts
  • Unique location - a cheeky lorikeet perched on a coconut tree
  • Create a photo story - take a handful of photos that will work together to create a photo story of a holiday moment

3. Frame the shot:

Carefully frame the shot before you press the shutter to avoid unnecessary editing later. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure your photos are framed well:

  • Keep the horizon level
  • Ensure your subject is in the frame and not awkwardly cut off
  • Check the surroundings – make sure other people are not entering the frame and that the landscape is well framed

4. Focus:

There is nothing worse than looking back through your photos are realising they are out-of-focus or that they are focused on the wrong area.

  • Ensure you know how to use the focus on your camera before you head out exploring
  • Try focusing on a specific point rather than having the entire image in focus for a more professional style
  • Experiment with focusing on an area past the subject for a different perspective

5. Get the right perspective:

Taking a photograph from the right perspective or angle can be the difference between a great photo and an ordinary photo.

  • Get on their level – if you are photographing a child get down to their level  and see the world from their perspective
  • Emphasis height – if you are photographing a tall monument try getting down low at the base and photograph it looking up
  • Panoramic – if you are photographing a view try taking a panoramic photo of the entire area to show how stunning it truly is
  • Get fishy – if you have an underwater camera, why not try a fish eye lens to emphasis the view of the reef

Happy snapping!

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