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Meet The Team ian 3/12/2014

In conversation with Natalie Dean, the charming Director of Sales & Marketing for Rydges hotels and resorts in Tropical North Queensland…


Nat, as the area director of sales and marketing for Rydges Hotels and Resorts in FNQ, you must be one ‘helluva’ busy lady – how do you handle the daily juggling act?

You’re not wrong! Having 5 hotels certainly keeps me on my toes and out on the road a lot! Simple answer really, I have the best team EVER! There is no way I could do what I do without them supporting me completely! That and sheer talent (jks)

Tell us a little bit about your role and how long you have been in the position.

I have worked for Rydges for just shy of 3 years and been in my Area DOS role for 18 months. In a nutshell I look after all of the sales and marketing activities for the 5 Rydges Hotels and Resorts located in North Queensland, this includes negotiating rates for business travellers and holiday makers plus making sure our name is out there so everyone knows who we are!

How do you like to spend those precious moments of free time?

Out on the water exploring the reef and tropical islands that I am so blessed to live near.

What is the key (name three qualities) to being a successful Sales Director?

Patience – not everyone understands how the world of hotels works... Drive – to get past the knock backs and various ‘gatekeepers’...Personality – in such a competitive industry you need to stand out from the crowd.

Given you already travel so much for business you’re sure to know a lot about hotel rooms.  Name the top three most important elements of a memorable stay.

A comfortable bed – you need a good nights sleep when you are on the road and the Rydges Dream Beds are the ULTIMATE!... WiFi – more important then breakfast! Rydges now offers FREE wifi. A good shower – nothing worse then bad pressure or a leaky shower head when you get back from a long day and I love the rain shower heads at Rydges Sydney Airport!

What did you learn today?

That my sales & marketing coordinator has the most extensive vocabulary of anyone I know!

You live in beautiful Cairns where the rest of us dream of holidaying. Tell us the about best kept Cairns secret?

Well I’m not going to do that or it won’t be a secret anymore! What I will tell you is that this city has a real style of its own with world class coffee shops and eateries hidden in nooks and crannies everywhere! Ask a local when you are in town where to go and I bet you are surprised by their answers.

Coffee or tea?

I can only choose one??? Ok then … Coffee.

Red or white?


If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do first  (don’t say give up work!!)?

Buy a super yacht and spend 3 months sailing around Australia… working remotely of course!

What about the perfect dinner party – create your ultimate guest list.

Richard Branson, Jack Black, Morgan Freeman and Prince Harry – he just seems like such a dude!

Finally, any relation to James Dean?

Apparently not but I look just as good in a leather jacket!


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