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Rydges Kensington 10/18/2013

Have you ever been on a date and wanted to order a drink for the girl or guy so you can impress? Have you sat down at the bar, looked at the list of drinks and got nervous or unsure as to what to do? Do you wish there was a simple rule that can be applied to all that makes an impact? Or would you like someone to make life easy and tell you about a drink that never ceases to fail?

Well we spoke to our Food & Beverages Manager for a tip and he told us there is only one thing that is sure to impress: a nice, ice cold bottle of Champagne. There it is, something that we were all probably thinking, but were not certain about for whatever reason; maybe it comes across as too flashy, maybe it sets the bar too high for a first date, the list of reasons not to order this classic and well celebrated drink could go on.

However, there is something special about the theatre of the waiter or waitress bringing the bottle over, carefully un-wrapping the foil, twisting the metal cage, and pulling the cork out which produces that wonderful popping sound. That noise, which is associated with celebrations and good times is one that will be sure to excite whomever you are on a date with, be it the first or sixth date!

Once ordered, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy one another’s company knowing that your date will walk away feeling special.

So next time you are having a drink with us @PoloBarRydges be sure to order either a glass or a bottle of our specially selected Duval Leroy; a typical and very fruity expression, with light red fruit flavours of strawberry and cherry. Fantastic for your date!

We look forward to seeing you and your special someone very soon.



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