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Promotion ian 6/17/2014

Here’s how to get the best hotel accommodation deal …

Once upon a time, when you needed a hotel room for the night, you got on the telephone and called the hotel reservationists or visited a travel agent; they booked your room and sent you out a confirmation letter in the post.

Now, with the rise in popularity of this thing called: ‘internet’, gone are the days of only being able to book your hotel via phone. Now there are a multitude of different websites all offering you deals, discount rates, offers, free upgrades, and flash sales. But where and how can you make sure you get the best deal every time?

There are two parts to this very simple answer. The first: Rydges.com and the second PriorityGUEST Rewards. That’s right, when you book via our website, you are guaranteed to get the best rate. Yes, that’s right, GUARANTEED! You can try and find a cheaper rate elsewhere but it simply won’t happen. So forget the rigmarole of browsing through endless booking websites, Rydges.com is where you will always find the best deal.

When you visit our website, checking out the ‘Offers’ tab is crucial. This is where we have all our special weekend, romance, family, airport transfer, adventure, sightseeing packages and more. Don’t just get a great deal on your room, get a great deal that includes everything you need for an exceptional getaway.

That brings us to the second part of this two part cost-saving revelation; PriorityGUEST Rewards. When you join our rewards club it means you get 10% off the best available rates online, as well as all sorts of other benefits (check them out here). Yes, you read right, that best rate guarantee just got even better. And it’s not just Rydges Hotels & Resorts that this works for... your PriorityGUEST Rewards discount can be used at QT Hotels & Resorts, Art Series Hotels, and Autura Hotels too!

So next time you’re booking accommodation with us, save yourself the trouble and head straight for Rydges.com because THAT is where you will find the best accommodation deal.



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