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Cinema ian 8/6/2014

Depending on your movie mood you can choose between brains or brawn with Lucy and Hercules in Port Macquarie at Majestic Cinemas.

HerculesThe ol’ condom full of walnuts comes to mind when you see Dwayne Johnson all buffed up as Hercules and that’s what makes the action legend believable – because he makes Arnie Schwarzenegger look like Sheldon from Big Band Theory.

It’s a rollercoaster action ride with terrific effects – Johnson is rugged and powerful enough to steal the scenes from the real actors like John Hurt, Joseph Fiennes and Ian McShane and there’s so much action most people won’t notice there’s a plot missing.

It runs 98 minutes and is rated M for violence, blood and infrequent coarse language.

LucyOn the other hand, Lucy is all about brains. The genre is science fiction with the emphasis on fiction – totally unbelievable but the action picks you up and takes you on a journey that actually makes you think. Morgan Freeman is Professor Norman and he provides the intellectual depth while Scarlett Johannson as Lucy drives the action and the plot.

Lucy is rated M 15+ for strong themes and violence and runs 89 minutes. It is directed by Frenchman Luc Besson so it has a different ‘feel’ to Hollywood’s approach to the genre. Both movies provide total escapism and if you would like a pleasant diversion in the real world, Rydges Port Macquarie and Sails Resort by Rydges are handy for a pre or post movie drink, meal or all your accommodation needs.

Here’s the official trailer for Lucy…


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