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Humour,Festival ian 4/4/2014

417 comedians walked into a bar. You’d think one of them would have ducked. Seriously, without a word of exaggeration, there are around umpteen squillion comics appearing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until April 20 vying for laughter and applause… and that’s just on the trams. They will also be performing in over 100 venues around the city with newcomers and oldgoers strutting their stuff.

Adrienne TruscottRather than single any particular act out to poke a heckler at, off the top of the head (and after a troll through the official website), acts appearing include Dave Hughes, Wolf Creek the Musical, Adam Richard, Aardvarks Anonymous, Will Anderson, the Umbilical Brothers, Tres Miserables, Stephen K. Amos, Tom Gleeson, Sharon from Canada, Sean Cullen, Rod Quantock, Red Bastard, Peter Helliar, Puppetry of the Penis, Denise Scott, Lehmo, Julian Clary, Mr Snot Bottom & the Curse of The Silly Stinky Zombie Babies, Jason Byrne, Hannah Gadsby, Greg Fleet, Frank Woodley, Colin Lane, Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Fiona O’Loughlin, Effie, Dave O’Neil, Cal Wilson, Bob Downe, Ben Pobjie, Anthony Morgan, Geraldine Quinn, the Late Night Gimp Fight and Adrienne Truscott (photo right) – you might have guessed from her costume that her show is rated 18+.

Needing a place to stay? Visit to position yourself only metres away from the comedy festival and a number of CBD show locations - and if you would prefer to reside on the fringe (there's a great comedy term!), Rydges on Swanston is just out of the CBD.