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Theatre ian 7/14/2014

Shakespeare’s Richard III is now playing at the Ensemble Theatre (until July 19) and the production has been getting terrific reviews…

"Powerful and compelling performances" (SYDNEY CHIC)

"Kilmurry’s stagecraft is magic, the cast are splendid, honest and graceful " (THE SPELL OF WAKING HOURS)

"Mark Kilmurry’s performance of Richard is brilliant. Compels with outstanding performances by the cast" (SUSANNE GERVAY)

Now Playing at The EnsembleAnd opening on July 24 is Dark Voyager, written by John Mistro and directed by Anna Crawford. The cast includes Eric Beecroft, Jeanette Cronin, Belinda Giblin, Lizzie Mitchell and Kate Raison.

It is Hollywood, 1962. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford are at war – their careers are on the skids, they are aging rapidly, and they are locked in a titanic struggle for top-billing on their latest movie. When America’s most feared columnist, Hedda Hopper, invites them to supper, they call an uneasy truce. However the evening turns chaotic when an unexpected guest arrives – a very young and very drunk Marilyn Monroe. Will old age and treachery defeat youth and courage? Or is there more to Marilyn than anyone could have guessed?

“John Misto’s playwriting combines an acutely sensitive humanity with an imagination that’s out of the ordinary and a mischievous sense of humour.” (THE SUN HERALD)

Here’s a link to the Ensemble’s website and for all your accommodation needs, Rydges North Sydney will give you the warmest of welcomes.