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Entertainment/Theatre ian 5/5/2014

The Ensemble Kirribilli is Australia’s longest continuously running professional theatre company, dating back to 1958. Pretty much the who’s who of Australian theatre have strutted the boards there and continue to do so.

Ensemble Theatre KirribilliAt the time of posting, David Williamson was directing his own recent play, Cruise Control, starring Michelle Doake, Kate Fitzpatrick, Kenneth Moraleda, Peter Phelps, Henri Szeps and Felix Williamson. It looks like a sell-out until closing on June 14.

On May 24 Jamie Oxenbould directs Mary Rachel Brown’s dark comedy The Woods Today. From June 24 it is an exciting new production of Shakespeare’s Richard III. More information on upcoming plays here.

Here is the Ensemble’s ‘mission statement’:

"The Ensemble Theatre aims to produce live theatre of the highest quality that entertains, educates, enlightens and challenges. The Ensemble believes that theatre can, and should be, a civilizing influence in our society."

And a few words from actors who have performed at The Ensemble Kirribilli – 2013 Patron of the Ensemble, Georgie Parker, “I count myself lucky to work here”… Lorraine Bayly, “If I’m invited to do a play at the Ensemble Theatre, I usually anticipate a joyous experience. I have attended many standing ovation rewarded productions”… and Henri Szeps, “Returning to the Ensemble is always a joy, always coming home, always refreshing. May it long continue on its intimate, daring and authentic trajectory.”

If you are catching a show at the Ensemble and are looking for somewhere welcoming and extremely comfortable to stay overnight, Rydges North Sydney is located up the hill in the suburb next door.



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