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Cinema ian 8/23/2013

Stoker – Coming soon to Majestic Cinemas Port Macquarie

Stoker could be one of those polarising ‘love it or hate it’ movies. It is a movie that challenges but, if you accept the challenge, it is be immensely rewarding. There’s a bit of Hitchcock in Korean director, Park Chan-wook. This review from Rotten Tomatoes:

Stoker is a thriller in which the big question is not “What will happen next?” but rather “What is going on?”

Meet the Stokers – India (Mia Wasikowska), Richard (Dermot Mulroney), Evelyn (Nicole Kidman), Gwendolyn (Jacki Weaver) and Charles (Matthew Goode).

The plotline is intriguing. On her 18th birthday, India’s life takes an enormous twist when father, Richard, dies in an horrific car accident. At the funeral, India and her fragile, unstable mother Evelyn meet Richard’s charming and charismatic brother, Charlie, who announces he is staying indefinitely to support India and Evelyn… but Charlie is not all he says he is… and without giving too much away – he is actually a cold-blooded killer.

Here are some more Rotten Tomatoes reviews:

Stoker delves into some seriously dark psychological territory, while somehow rising above it. It pulls the impressive trick of making ugly acts seem beautiful...

…a hothouse psychodrama rendered in a deliberately cool style that gives it the feel of a dollhouse chamber play conceived in a mental institution

Stoker has the kind of script that would have made Hitchcock giddy at the knees as murder, suppressed sexuality and dense mystery whirls into a thick fog of suspicion and intrigue.

Quiet, cool, and simply gorgeous to look at, Stoker is easily one of the most accomplished chillers of the year.

Style doesn't just win out here, it smashes substance like a bug under a shoe.

The first unquestionably outstanding film of 2013.



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