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Hotel News ian 5/29/2014

Free Wi-Fi now availableJust a quick post about free Wi-Fi at Rydges Lakeland Resort in Queenstown. A friend who is wise in the way of hospitality once said that the only new thing to happen in the hotel business, ever, was the introduction of folding the toilet paper into a neat little triangle shape. Well, we beg to differ!

Hotels changed dramatically soon after that new-fangled device called television turned up in 1960! The annual licence fee was a whopping NZ£4 and hotels and motels offering FREE television were seen as very pro-active and modern… even if the broadcast was in black and white and you had to get out of your chair to change channels. In those days broadcasting ceased late in the evening and recommenced late afternoon the next day. But at night – wow! Vince Edwards starring as Dr Ben Casey with Sam Jaffee doing the gravelly opening voiceover… “Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity…” Ahhh, you wouldn’t go out for quids!

1974 Commonwealth GamesFast forward to November 1973 and all your favourite TV dramas, comedies, news and sport shows miraculously changed from black and white to colour! You couldn’t have the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch in shades of grey! That was another innovation that hotels had to embrace quickly. Ahead to 1998 and SKY TV introduced digital satellite TV and hotels again had to quickly adapt to meet the demand, along with those pay-for-view movie channels, some of them apparently quite ‘adult’.

Around this time, dial-up internet was becoming part of the Australian lifestyle but things like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and WiFi hadn’t even been thought of. When internet first found its way into hotel rooms it was agonisingly slow and painfully expensive.

Fast forward to, um, 2014 – and FREE WiFi is now available as part of the new look Rydges Lakeland Resort! Oh… and don’t worry, housekeeping still folds the toilet paper into a neat little triangle…



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