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Entertainment/Theatre ian 5/12/2014

Heath Franklin is touring with his new Chopper Read show and you can catch Repeat Offender in Queenstown on Wednesday, June 4 at the Queenstown Memorial Centre. Franklin is back in NZ to tour the show and appear at the New Zealand Comedy Festival. He’s a funny man… as performer, writer and improviser… and it would be a shame to re-write what has already been written by the man himself:


Chopper Repeat OffenderDon’t believe what you read in the papers! Star of TV’s 7 Days, Chopper is back...

People tell you to follow your heart. Chopper followed his heart and it got him arrested and stabbed, which lead Chopper to the conclusion that his heart is a f**king idiot.

Repeat Offender is about that moment where every part of your body wants to smash something in half, like Godzilla, then taking a deep breath, reassessing the situation and then doing it anyway.

Restraint has never been Chopper's strong point, but with a great moustache comes great responsibility. And you know you’ve been arrested too often when you get told to ‘resume the position’. The truth can be uncomfortable though, like a bum full of pine cones, and it rarely wins friends. But let’s face it, feelings are for losers and teenagers... because 'feeling' is what you are busy doing when everyone else is out getting what they want.

Repeat Offender is about letting go, losing your shit and loving what you can’t have because you are forbidden by a court order, but hanging out in their front garden with a thermos and binoculars anyway. If you come within 100m of this show, you will find yourself laughing.


If you are travelling from out of town to see Repeat Offender in Queenstown, Rydges Lakeland Resort can look after all your accommodation needs.



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