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Sport ian 4/6/2014

Introducing Reef City Roller Girl Kelli Jones, aka Killer Bones... Kelli is an inspiration – she's not just one of Cairns best hairdressers, but a mother of Jensen and her biggest claim to fame yet, a Reef City Roller Girl! We talk to Kelli about how she hit on this very up and coming, albeit challenging sport.


Reef City Roller Girl Kelli JonesHow did your life as a roller girl begin?

I became a Reef City Roller Girl after deciding I needed a hobby and had seen a documentary on derby so thought, why not? I had always played skate sports so thought it would be a great way to get fit and meet new people. I love the fitness side of it; it is a lot of fun and kind of empowering and the derby community are a great bunch of people.

Our league consists of around 60 members with 30 active skaters. It is made up of guys and girls who play, ref, officiate or are serve on the committee.

Describe the typical roller girl.

The average age of our skaters would be 30 with our youngest being 19 and our oldest 46 - who is a grandmother I should add. This just proves that anyone can play. Most of us are strong women who like a challenge and didn't fit in with other sports. We have mums, zoo keepers, insurance adjustors, students, body piercers and scientists among us - so it is a broad range of girls who are attracted to the sport.

How often do you train?

We train three times a week totalling eight hours with one of these being a personal training session. We play a home game at least once a month and travel throughout the year for ‘away’ games and tournaments. This year we have a a national and state tournament.

Any rituals?

Yes, before we play, we chant “Skate hard, play fair, who are we? RCRG!”

Biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge would have been coming back from having a year off to have my son. Everyone else had progressed so much and I really had to train hard to get back up to their level – of course it was all worth while!

I thankfully haven't had any bad injuries, just a few bruises though. Not long ago I fell directly on my teammates skate and that did hurt a lot!!

Tell us a bit about you:

I am a born and bred Cairns local. I am a Hairdresser at Reds salon and mother of an almost three year old boy named Jensen. When not working I am usually wrangling my child or on my skates.

Best kept secret:

The Botanical Gardens in Cairns. It is such a relaxing place where my little one can go on adventures finding spiders and such while I just wander through the beautiful surroundings. Really, I should visit more often.

For more, visit Reef City Roller Girls.


Photos: Roaring Storm Photography


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