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Cinema,Concert ian 9/25/2013

One Direction is in Australia and tens of thousands of screaming, crying teenage girls are beside themselves – which makes the din twice as loud. Makes one wonder if they would even notice if the boys hit any bad notes. The lads fly across the ditch for two shows in Auckland at Vector Arena on Saturday October 12 and Sunday October 13. Guessing there will be a few fans making the pilgrimage from other far flung centres like Wellington, Rotorua and Queenstown.

If you haven’t got tickets to the live shows, second prize will have to be the movie, One Direction: This Is Us. The documentary is now playing in Reading Cinemas in the above centres. In a nutshell – it is slick, fun and rewarding for the fans. The lads have heaps of energy, enthusiasm, charm, warmth and, dare I say, talent. Non-fans will stay away in their droves and there won’t be any Oscars up for grabs but the loyal fan base alone will ensure a commercial success.

The band has certainly headed in only one direction since winning X-Factor in the UK – up – but, as they say, what goes up, must come down. I’m not being pessimistic for the boys, just realistic methinks – but you can’t knock them - they really are at the top of their game at present.



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