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Arts/Culture ian 9/26/2013

Tim Ferguson SkyscraperThere is a saying that nobody ‘gets MS until they get MS’ and, from my experience, that is true. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December 2010.

I approach my MS with the attitude, it is what it is, and get on with enjoying things – my family, my friends, my work and the other stuff that weaves in and out of my journey. But I don’t believe I have the eloquence to explain to people with a full complement of myelin how this strange disease operates. Even my neurologist scratches his head sometimes, and not because of the imaginary spider that occasionally visits the back of my skull. Yes, it can be a very curious disease.

And so it was with some joy that I saw Tim Ferguson’s latest book hit the stands this week. Called Carry a Big Stick it has the tagline “A funny, fearless life of friendship, laughter and MS”.

Tim has a similar flavour of MS to mine (relapsing-remitting) – we both use a cane (and wheelchair) for mobility, use humour as a salve and, I’m sure, have many symptom similarities. I’m also sure that he is funnier, more eloquent and more entertaining than I am – and that non-Msers who delve into his book will get a good glimpse into this weird disease that has its way with us while we try to lie back and think of England.

I am looking forward reading it on the weekend – not just for the MS stuff but for the journey of this talented comedian, as a solo performer, writer and member of the Doug Anthony Allstars.

UPDATE: It is a terrific read – laughed out loud many times – became a fan of Jerry Sadowitz and discovered that Tim and I do have a few things in common – as kids we both learnt to kill rabbits quickly and painlessly (the accent owned by the guy who taught him was one of the LOLs)… we have both lectured in comedy writing at AFTRS… (and share the same thoughts on how serious comedy writing can be) and we both have… now what was that other thing… damn MS cog fog… I’m sure it will come to me…


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