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Sport,News ian 2/4/2014

Disclaimer – I know nothing about American football – I have tried to get into it but it leaves me as cold as the temperatures at this year’s Superbowl. Having said that, I do enjoy the peripheral paraphernalia that comes with this annual game.

I gather the score of 43 – 8 means that the Seattle Seahawks annihilated the Denver Broncos but the event raised a few other questions for me… like why would the Red Hot Chilli Peppers perform topless when temps were minus nine… like why would fans pay $2000 for a seat up the back of a stand where there was a good chance of a frozen nosebleed… and pay $14 for a beer or a soft drink (don’t they have warm home, a television and some mates???)… and why advertisers pay upwards of $4million for a 30 second TV commercial… and that’s just the airtime – one can only imagine how much they have to pay celebrities like Bob Dylan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Scarlett Johansson to flog their product.

Usually I look forward to the creative genius that unlimited money can unleash in 30 seconds but this year, on the whole, the ads were underwhelming. The pick for me was this one starring Stephen Colbert in an effort to give viewers brand awareness for… um, what was that brand of nut again...?


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