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Concert ian 5/20/2014

The tour date has been announced for Queen’s Sydney concert at Allphones Arena – Adam Lambert will be fronting the band on Tuesday, August 26. Tickets go on sale May 28 with pre-sale available from May 22. If you are travelling from out of town for the concert and plan to stay overnight, Rydges at Parramatta is very handy with an accommodation package that includes a return shuttle to Allphones or Rydges Sydney Airport is perfect if flying in for the show.

There has been much ado about Adam Lambert presenting as the ‘new’ Freddie Mercury, in much the same way that INXS wasn’t able to find the ‘new’ Michael Hutchence but Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May don’t want a Freddie comparison. They say it is a different band with Lambert out front – May said this at a press conference when the tour was announced, “This happened organically with Adam. People are going to ask whether it's Queen without Freddie. I don't know. We just want to go out there one more time. Adam isn't an imitator. We're going into new territory.”

So, who is Adam Lambert? He was two years old when Queen last toured Australia 30 years ago and his main claim to fame is coming second in the reality talent show, American Idol and subsequently selling a lot of albums and singles. He’s openly gay, theatrically androgynous, an excellent mover and is a tenor with a multi-octave vocal range. For mine, this feels like a more exciting tour than, say, the Rolling Stones where the average age for Mick, Keith and Charlie is over 70 – the average age for Adam, Roger and Brian is only 54 thanks to the newbie (May and Taylor are 66 and 64 respectively).

I wonder how Giles Taylor feels about the tour announcement – Giles plays Freddie Mercury in the Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic tribute show and it is scheduled to arrive in Australia later in September – good publicity or Queen overkill?

If you would like a preview of what to expect (or to compare the vocals and stage presence of Freddie with Adam) here is a short video promo made for the American leg of the 2014 tour:



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