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Travel,Promotion,Television ian 9/10/2013

I was half watching TV this morning to grab the news when a tune grabbed my attention, followed by vision that TOTALLY grabbed my attention. I was mesmerised and could have been watching a Baz Luhrmann movie. I didn’t really have an idea of what was being sold to me in those sixty glorious seconds – then the tag line came – “Tasmania – Go Behind the Scenery”.

I had to go online to see it again – and it is just as fabulous on a few viewings – it is a minute of fun and exciting quirkiness, beautifully directed/edited subtly showcasing artisans, food, wine, theatre, fishing, history – it’s contemporary with a period feel – and I want to head over now to enjoy the scenery and scratch the surface to perhaps discover a whiskey, a scallop pie or have my fortune told… “Rendezvous, there’s room for two…”

Congrats Tassie Tourism on a brave marketing move that should really work. You can have a look at the commercial here: http://gobehindthescenery.com.au/


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