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Cinema ian 6/2/2014

There’s certainly something for everyone this week at the movies. Already in cinemas and doing good business is Disney’s sequel to Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent – it is probably a bit dark for the real littlies but a nice Mum and daughter movie that features Angelina Jolie’s powerful screen presence, supported by her impossibly wonderful cheekbones. And I will give another plug for The Grand Budapest Hotel because it is still fresh in my mind several weeks after seeing it.

Opening this week is the guaranteed heart-string-pulling-tear-jerker The Fault in Our Stars. Also coming out on the same day are Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman doing battle – Tom in the mega-million dollar blockbuster, Edge of Tomorrow and Our Nic as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco.

For most Australians Nicole Kidman is sort of one of the family and we hate to see one of our own being kicked from pillar to post but she, and the movie, have not fared well with the critics. Pleased to read that Nicole doesn’t read the reviews and good on her if she still thinks she was brilliant! In fact, Aussie cinema goers love her so much they might see it differently to the critics but David Stratton always gives a pretty good indication and he said, “There are moments when all this veers towards the so-bad-it’s-good direction, but it never quite gets there.”

After I read that I thought, better check out Rotten Tomatoes and it looks like Tom is driving a winner and Nicole is driving badly down a winding road. The ‘Tomatometer’ (critics) give Tom’s flick 95% and Grace of Monaco just 4% with the audience, as usual, being more generous – Tom gets 98% and Nic 79%.

Anyway, with the days getting shorter and the temps getting cooler, dropping into Event Cinemas for a bit of cinematic escapism with a bucket of popcorn is a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Oh! And one I haven’t seen that is already out and almost tempting me is Seth McFarlane’s raunchfest, A Million Ways to Die in the West. Blood, guts, bodily fluids, foul language and bad taste have a place in movies and I am curious to see whether it is rewarding or revolting. This trailer pretty much sums it up I guess, but I’m wondering if it is a teaser or the deliverer of best bits. A wee warning, the language in the trailer may render it not fit for work or with the kiddies in the room.


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