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Entertainment/Theatre ian 6/20/2014

On Friday, July 11 you can catch Frank Ferrante: An Evening with Groucho at the Riverway Arts Centre. To be honest, I’d never heard of Frank Ferrante and his show until I watched the clip below. It is six minutes out of 90 minutes of fast-paced theatre and it was enough to make me book a date with the theatre.

FF-groucho-4I’m a Marx Bros fan and of Groucho in particular – he had the BEST timing and delivery as well as being master of innuendo and ad-lib. I have always steered clear of Groucho impressionists because they just didn’t cut the mustard – but Ferrante blew me away. He wasn’t doing an impression, he became Groucho – he had every nuance – the rolling eyes, the cheeky looks, the audience ad-lib, the songs, the dance, the walk and the timing. Highly recommended for fans who can remember and for a lovely introduction to comic genius for a younger audience.

If you are coming from out of town to see the show, Rydges Southbank Townsville can look after all your accommodation needs. The bar at Riverway Arts Centre opens at 6:00pm with foyer entertainment and a meal is included in the price. Seating is at tables of 8.

Probably best I now say, ‘Hello, I must be going…” and leave you with some rather excellent reviews… firstly from those who knew the real Julius (he wasn’t born ‘Groucho!)

“Nobody does Groucho better than Frank Ferrante.” (Arthur Marx, Groucho’s son)

“Frank doesn’t just do Groucho… he is Groucho.” (Miriam Marx Allen, Groucho’s daughter)

“Frank is the only actor aside from Groucho who delivered my lines as they were intended to be.” (Morrie Ryskind, co-writer of The Cocoanuts, Animal Crackers and A Night at the Opera)

And the critics:

“Nothing short of masterful.” (Chicago Tribune)

“Artful… Mr Ferrante’s timing is digital sharp.” (The New York Times)

“Truly Astounding.” (Los Angeles Daily News)



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