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News ian 1/2/2014

Like Tropical Cyclone Dylan, cyclone season is part of life in the tropics. Often they pass pretty much unnoticed but it is still worth following all preparation procedures in case. In a nutshell, even though it may be wet and windy outside prior to a cyclone reaching land, check the following:

  • That you have an emergency kit – basically a portable battery radio, torch and spare batteries… water containers… tinned or dried food (check that the tins are ring-pull – if not, a can opener will be handy – and remember the pets!)… a fuel lamp and/or candles, matches or lighter, a portable stove might also be handy… a first aid kit… toiletry/sanitary supplies
  • Tune the radio to the relevant frequency to follow cyclone warnings/info
  • That you have emergency phone numbers handy
  • That there are no loose items outside – e.g. garbage bins, boats, furniture. Tie anything that could blow away – if you have a swimming pool, throw in the outdoor furniture or take inside the house
  • Top up vehicles with fuel
  • Take some cash out in case the ATMs go down
  • Park vehicles under shelter – handbrake on and in gear
  • Fill water containers
  • Use masking tape on windows if no shutters
  • Set up mattresses in the safest part of the house
  • If you think you may be affected by tidal surges or water in the house, put important documents (e.g. passports, birth certificates) in waterproof bags (and photos/light valuables)
  • Check that the neighbours are okay (especially if they haven’t experienced a cyclone)
  • Get the pets indoors and stay inside with them
  • Make sure sense of humour is in place, pull out the Scrabble, Monopoly or Risk and consider opening a bottle of wine (that’s a personal thing, not part of any official preparation strategy)


And if you are visiting Cairns and staying at Rydges Esplanade, Rydges Tradewinds or Rydges Plaza – just follow instructions from our friendly and professional staff.

And here’s a link to the Cyclone & Flood Emergency section on the Cairns Regional Council website.



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