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News ian 8/1/2014

Thredbo is thrilled to be able to say welcome home Torah Bright. This lovely, talented sportswoman with the amazing smile was born and raised in Cooma and she has returned to the Snowy Mountains to join the team at Thredbo.

Welcome Home Torah BrightTorah is our most successful Winter Olympics athlete and was the first Australian snowboarder to win Gold at the Winter X Games. She was an Olympic Gold Medalist at Vancouver in 2010 and an Olympic Silver Medalist earlier this year at Sochi in the halfpipe event. After leaving Sochi, Torah has been dabbling in some fun and adventure, surfing in Mexico and snorkelling in Maui and now she’s back for a fun-filled winter in Thredbo.

The snow in Thredbo is a lot deeper than Torah experienced in Russia. “I love coming home to the winter. Shredding amongst the gum trees is always amazing.” She said from the Snowy Mountains slopes, “It’s one of the best winters ever here in Thredbo so it’s pretty amazing. The wind’s up but that means the snow is on its way.”

Below is a wee video to welcome Torah home to Thredbo and here’s a link to celebrate our new partnership with Torah - the First Timer package that gives the third day free for every two days booked - http://www.thredbo.com.au/firsttimer/. And if you aren't staying in Thredbo Village, Rydges Horizons Snowy Mountains will give you the warmest of welcomes.

The last word to Torah: “I’ll be up here at some events and doing some riding of my own. I’m just happy to be home and in the mountains again. You’ll see me all winter long.”


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