Portlander Bar & Grill injects Wellington’s business district with a thriving hub of steak, whisky, wine and ambience seven days a week. Portlander is a ‘hotel restaurant’ with a unique difference as it is almost unheard of for a hotel restaurant to attract so many locals.

Winning the awards for Excellence in Customer Service 2013 and Excellence in Marketing 2013, 2014 at the Hospitality New Zealand Awards for Excellence, our ethos is simple: good people, great steak, a night out turned into a fond memory. Bloody rare and rather well done, Portlander is the ideal place to eat meat and greet.

Lunch – done well – can serve as an island of sanity, a comforting recharge of succulent you-time, a chance for a juicy catch-up and a feast for the senses in an otherwise busy (and often decidedly un-sensuous) day in the capital.

Dinner at the Portlander is the stuff of gastronomic adventures. When local knowledge meets an international calibre skill set, as in chef’s masterful flavour combining, you should really just hold on and enjoy it.